Releases, Edits, and Real Life

Dark Moon Wolf has been out for a week and my world hasn’t changed yet, haha. It’s
be371px-we_can_editen quite fun talking to folks about my book, from Twitter to blogs to a Facebook event. Every Amazon review that pops up is exciting! Most of the initial reviews have been from people I do NOT know–and they’ve been really positive.

I do think the line between promotion and being a pushy jerk is hard to find! Anyone have tips on that?

I sent off the latest round of edits for Waxing Moon yesterday, after spending about 8 hours editing over the weekend. Can’t wait til that’s further in the process and I get to see the cover art. I hope it will be released in early fall. Cross fingers the timing goes smoothly!

Finally, there’s real life. Work. Kids. Home. If there were less of some of that, there’d be more time for writing Rising Wolf, book three in Calling the Moon. Ah well.





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