Last night, I arrived home after an exhilarating and exhausting conference for NACADA Region 5. I presented, talked to first-time attendees, led a state meeting, attended meetings, attended sessions, AND Every Single Day, I went back up to my hotel room and met my minimum daily writing goal.

16behwyFelt pretty damned good. Now, my minimum goal is NOT as high as my “most days I should” goal, but in these circumstances, it was enough.

Book 3, Rising Wolf, is developing nicely–with many tweaks and false starts along the way so far. I keep trying to push this story, then realizing I need to back up and let it move through the plot arc in the way it wants to. Learning.

“Final” edits for Waxing Moon should arrive soon. Our book blurb has been approved, cover art should be following in the near future. I’m hoping this timeline means the book will be released in late summer/early fall. EXCITING.


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