Crazy Prompts, Fun Times

goldfishbowlI’m 3/4 of the way done with a draft of my story for round two of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge and I am Having So Much Fun!

My prompts are: Genre – Suspense, Topic – Funeral, Character – Tutor. Yup, by tomorrow at 11:59 EST, I will submit a 2,000 word suspense story about a funeral and a tutor. This round of the contest gives us 72 hours to write.

Some people are reluctant to enter any writing contests that include a fee to participate, but I will say that the $55 entry for this one is 100% worth it to me.

I love the random prompts. I love the short deadlines. I love the tight word limits.

These things combined force me to create things I would NEVER write otherwise, force me to push myself in new directions.

It’s exciting.

I will have a complete draft done in the next few hours, then solicit some beta readers. I would LOVE to make it to round three.

The contest started with just over 3,000 writers. Round two is down to 500. Round three goes down to 80 people who get 24 hours to write a 1,500 word story with their prompts.

Wish me luck!


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