FLGSs (Friendly Local Game Stores): Our Travels

I’ve been quiet on my blog first because I was dealing with a family health emergency, then because we were on a long and wonderful vacation to northern California and southern Oregon.

And what does my family do on vacations? THAT’S RIGHT! We check out all the local game stores we can find. I thought I’d share something we found in one of the southern Oregon stores…


…this AMAZINGLY COOL table that lives at Castle Hill Games in Grants Pass, OR. This table was one of the coolest, geekiest things ever I’ve seen. The store owner said that it’s made from multiple layers of epoxy resin set around dice. The crafters used a blow torch and a needle to get every air bubble out! They made it in a dust-free “clean room” and it took months. The edges are d6s; there are dice of every shape, size, and type. The pictures do NOT do it justice.

Castle Hill Games had a great selection of games, a huge number of MTG cards, and a great miniature war gaming area. They also sell dice rings made by CritSuccess…which three members of my geeky family bought, including me.

The owner was super nice, so if you happen to live by Grants Pass, check out the store.

Southern Oregon also houses Astral Games in Medford and FunAgain Games in Ashland, which also seemed like great FLGSs. Among other things, Astral Games features a room with tall tables dedicated to miniature wargaming with a wide variety of scenery, terrain, and other bits & sundry that help your scenario. FunAgain Games has nifty seating including old booths and they have cute demo stations for some games–like the type you’d see at GenCon. Both stores have lots of regular seating for board gamers and MTGers.

We saw lots more on our trip, of course–not JUST game stores–but I really wanted to share that table with you!



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