Choose Your Own Adventure?

Remember those books from when you were young? The ones that had you searching forDEs4lFYWAAUkvRI rainbow dragons or buried treasure? You’d read eagerly until you got to the decision point: Do you try to steal the opal? Or give it to the witch like she asks?

Well, do I have a surprise for you!!

I’m teaming up with eight other writers at my press to write stories on a brand new blog called Novel Concepts. Our tag line says it all: “where you’re heard until the final word.”

Novel Concepts is a tag-team, short story blog. Each Monday, one of us will post a portion of a short story. At the end of the segment, we’ll offer YOU, the reader, two options for what might happen next. You post a comment with your vote! The majority rules and the next writer will take that choice and move forward.

The other authors I’m working with are romance authors, so I’ll dabble my hand in this new-to-me genre and see how it goes.

If you go to website, you can follow our blog so you never miss a post! That way, your vote will always count! And while you’re waiting, you can go to the “About Us” page to check out all the authors participating in this crazy endeavor.

Our first story starts TOMORROW!! Squee! Are you excited?? I am!


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