Self-Promotion. It’s Weird.

I honestly love my books–and I love this second book, Waxing Moon, even more than thepeacock_terms-768x524 first. (Seriously. I think it’s tighter, the pacing is better, the character development is FANTASTIC, there’s a love interest, the book has a ton of tension, there are some big revelations and surprises… I really love this book.)

Yet it is SO WEIRD to promote my writing. I wish all the people in the world who might like this type of fiction would just somehow find out about it without me having to talk about it. Blogging or tweeting about it seems so narcissistic and…presumptuous.

And right now, when there are HUGE and IMPORTANT and DEVASTATING things happening in the world, it seems even worse to be talking about my book. And yet. This is the week my book gets released.

How to balance pride in my work and fear of being pushy/selfish/intrusive? How to celebrate myself and my book without prancing around like a peacock, stamping my feet and squawking for attention?

I hope I’m striking some sort of balance. And I welcome your thoughts on how I can do this better.


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