Release Day – What’s It Like?

I’m not sure how other authors feel, but to me release day is a combination of excitement, anxiety, and total anticlimax.

Waxing Moon is out in the world! People can buy it and read it and tell me what they think! How exciting is that? Very exciting. And I love this book–and for people who liked the first one, I’m pretty certain they’ll like this one Even More.


But some people might hate it. Or might have decided they didn’t like the first one, so why would they even buy this one? So that’s a source of anxiety. Will people take the chance on it? Have any of my promotional efforts born fruit? Have I done all the wrong things to promote this one?


And at the end of the day…it can be an anticlimax. I won’t get a ton of reviews today, after all. People just got the book! They won’t sit down, read it, and review it THIS BLOODY SECOND. There’s not some ticker tape parade for me. There’s no giant Harry Potter-level midnight party.


So…I spent release day vacillating between those three states and trying to mostly stay with EXCITEMENT!!!

I think most “big days” in our life are a combination of these three things?

What do YOU all think?

(Also, while thinking about this, please don’t forget to click and buy Waxing Moon


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