The Joys of Halloween and Urban Fantasy

I wonder if there are any fantasy lovers who don’t also love Halloween. Today’s a day we can all allow our imagination to roam freely–want to be a Werewolf? Want to be a ghost? Want to wear your green lipstick? Want to delight in the scary or the fantastical or the funny? Here, enjoy Halloween.

(Spoiler: I LOVE my green lipstick and love getting to wear it to work. I figure I have two chances to do that: Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day.)


I love Halloween for the same reason I love urban fantasy. I love imagining our world with a twist. I love working out real issues by turning them on their end, warping them, and seeing them through a new lens.

I’ve been silent on this blog for a while and you may have wondered why. (Or you may not have noticed–whichever!)

I’m working on a number of projects: book three of Calling the Moon, a new novel project called Marked, a middle-grade project, and a few short stories that I’m polishing and sending off to various magazines. So…I’ve been busy!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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