“Fifty Thousand Batmans”

Some of you may remember I’ve participated in the NYC Midnight Short Story Competition for the last couple of years. Last year, I received honorable mention (18th place) out of 3,000 participants, which felt pretty damned cool.

The first round of the contest took place this past week. Writers receive a genre, a subject, and a character. We had 8 days to write a story, maximum 2,500 words.

My genre was…ready? Romantic Comedy. ACK!!!!

Well, that’s not something I’ve written before, which is the whole reason I enter this contest–I love getting pushed WAY out of my comfort zone and being forced to write a short story that I otherwise never, ever would have thought about. In past years, I’ve written Drama, Historical Fiction, Suspense, and Science Fiction (okay, I was so happy to get that last one!).

My full prompts were: Romantic Comedy – cosplay – fashion designer.

I wrote a story called “Fifty Thousand Batmans,” with the hook: Girl tries to find boy at a crowded Con.

It’s a cute story. It makes me laugh and, of course, it has a big awwwwwww moment at the end. I had a lot of fun writing it!

I won’t get feedback from the judges until the end of March, when they’ll announce who moves on to round two.

Now that the story’s submitted, I’ve gotta get back on my editing horse. I should have a workable draft of Rising Wolf done in the next few weeks…if I can stop goofing around and get to it!

I don’t plan on trying to publish “Fifty Thousand Batmans,” so perhaps after this round of the contest is judged, I will post it here for you all to read and (hopefully) enjoy.

Would you like to read it?


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