Starting 2019 with Happy Homework

I’m celebrating 2019 by jumping into not just one, but TWO online writing classes with Odyssey.

You see, I applied for two different classes hoping to ensure getting accepted to at least one…and then got accepted to BOTH…and then pondered and pondered and then finally woke up and said, I’m doing both. Yasss, queen.

A squirrel holding both paws out and saying, “Everybody calm down! I got this!”

I am SO excited!

The first course is called Riveting Descriptions: Bringing Your Story to Life in the Reader’s Mind, taught by Lucy Snyder. Did you realize that descriptions do more than just tell the reader what the stuff looks like? So. Much. More.

The second course is Emotional Truth: Making Character Emotions Real, Powerful, and Immediate to Readers, taught by Scott Andrews. You know those books you’ve read where you feel completely connected to the characters–so much so that you mourn the book’s ending? Yes. That. That’s what I want to do.

I’ve already received my pre-class homework for both classes and completed one of the assignments. HOMEWORK!!! How I’ve missed you, dear homework. I love homework. Like, I kind of clapped a little bit when I got the first assignment and I may have possibly spent way too much time and written way too much…but that’s a good thing, right?

(This might be why I like Hermione so much. )

I love being pushed to work hard on things. I love being forced out of my comfort zone. I love thinking about things in new ways and learning. I love having someone tell me what’s wrong so I can make my writing even better.

Lots of books. Lots. Yay, books!

Both these classes are small, limited to 14 people each. We have 3 synchronous meetings, weekly assignments and critiques. We’ll have individual meetings with our teacher.

I should expect to spend 5-10 hours per week on each class. Combined with work, kids, husband, and EverythingElse, I know this will be a lot, but I also think I’m going to learn a tremendous amount. Hopefully I’m also going to make real connections with other writers who might continue to be critique partners.

I might not be as active on social media for the next 5 weeks, because I’m going to really focus on my assignments and improving my writing. I’m also working on line edits for Rising Wolf, book three of Calling the Moon.

So…Happy New Year! 2019 is gonna be a busy one for me. How about you?




  1. YAY! This is excellent.

    I’m reading the preface and first chapter in all my textbooks for Spring courses before the first day of class.

    Wishing us both lots of luck!


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