Things I’m geeky about:


You might have guessed that from the kitty pictures on some of my other pages. We have three cats, Bart, Cookie, and Kit.

Here’s Cookie trying to help with game design by messing with some components. And Cookie also likes to try to help me write. Thanks, Cookie!


Here’s Bart with some action shots–hard to get him to stay still. He LOVES to head-butt and to eat people’s hair.

Here’s Kit, who follows me around the house literally waiting for the second she can jump on my lap.


Board Games

Yasss. My whole family LOVES board games. I’m both proud of and embarrassed by the number of board games we own… I’m gonna have to get a picture of some of our shelves to add here.

We play lots of different kinds of games–strategy games, heavy Euros, thematic games (so-called Ameritrash), party games…just about anything.

I blog about games from time to time, too. 🙂


Dice and Meeples

If you love games, you usually love their components. GIVE ME DICE! And meeples! We own Cat on a Hot Tin Roof mainly for the cat meeples. CAT MEEPLES!

I knew Gary was a keeper when he bought me 3 lbs of mixed dice for Christmas our first year together.



But you knew that. 🙂