Please Geek Out

I don’t care what you geek out over. It could be board games and dice. It could be Battlestar Galatica. (Spoiler alert: if it’s either of those two things, you might already be my buddy.)

It could be football. Or classic cars. Or poststructuralism. Or some type of music or a particular band. Or the color cerulean blue. A book or an author. Your new computer. Sushi. Minecraft. Knitting socks for piglets.

But PLEASE, geek out about your thing.

Be unabashedly excited. Be enthusiastic. Share your joy with me. Tell me all about it. Get the sparkle in your eye that shows you’d like to ramble on and on and on and on about Your Thing. Whatever that thing is.

Don’t be sullen and blasé and noncommittal and bored.

Be a geek. About your thing. Please.


Happy 2017!

Many people have asked me what my New Year’s resolutions are. I’m not one for resolutions, but I have a few themes for 2017.

First, 2017 will be the year I become a published author and I will dedicate my time to writing, editing, blogging, and discussing my books. Dark Moon Wolf will be released 2/22. Not sure about Waxing Moon, whether it will see print in 2017 or early 2018. I’m hoping for late 2017, with book three to follow in early 2018.

Second, I dedicate 2017 to making sure Gary and I have actually played all the board games we own. Not to go crazy, but PERHAPS we’ll also have time to play all the card games and RPGs we haven’t broken out yet. Yeah…we have a lot of games. Gary jokes we have a better selection than our Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS).

Tomorrow, it’s back to work and real life. Today, I finished this round of edits on Waxing Moon. If this book follows the same path as Dark Moon Wolf, I’m likely to have one more round of substantial edits and then a round of double-checking everything. Then proofs.

My friend Tucker asked me recently how many times I’ve read Dark Moon Wolf. I really had to think about that one…15 times? 20 times? More times than I’ve read anything, including the Lord of the Rings. Crazy, when you think about it that way.

I hope you’ve had lovely holidays and that 2017 is good to you! 🙂

Extra Life

My family of five just finished participating in Extra Life, on the St. Peters team, Evansville, IN. We spent 24 hours playing board games! And now we’re exhausted… I exceeded my personal fundraising goal and can’t wait to see how the whole team did. Last year we raised $10k for the Children’s Miracle Network to benefit Riley Hospital for Children. I’ll update when we have a final number for this year!

If anyone would like to make a late donation to my fundraising for Extra Life, here’s the link: Sarah’s Extra Life Page.

Loved seeing our gaming community in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky turn out for this event! Special shout out to Jim and Adrienne Jones for doing ALL the hard work to make it happen.