Yin, Yang, and Werewolves

Anyone who’s read Dark Moon Wolf knows that my Werewolves are pretty different than the traditional Weres in most movies & fiction.


While conceptualizing my Weres, I found myself thinking deeply about the cultural connotations of the moon. What do we attribute to the moon? If Werewolves draw their powers from the moon, what types of things might they be able to do? What if they are more than just shape-changers? These are all the questions that informed Dark Moon Wolf and my Werewolf culture.

In Waxing Moon, I explore a different question. If Werewolves take their powers from the moon, is there another race of paranormal beings who take powers from the sun? What would these creatures be? How would they exist alongside Weres? How uneasy is their relationship?

I really love my race of paranormal sun-creatures and I hope you do, too. As far as I know, they are my creation–something that hasn’t been written about before in other works.

I’m really excited to hear what you all think of Waxing Moon!











Image credit: http://dudemansam.deviantart.com/art/Yin-Yang-City-2-365872372





  1. Yo sarah, I hate Trump and I love respecting women. I’m looking for a pic for my book. Donating all proceeds to hungry kids around the world. Want to know where you got that yin yang symbol. It’s called the one the light and the end of history. Women can be fathers and men can be mothers.


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