Hooray for 18th Place! :)

I’m not sure I’ve ever said that before.

I came in 18th in the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge out of pool of 3,000+ writers. I know, I know…that’s not, like, 1st place or anything. But I am proud to be in the top 1% and I’m proud of all three stories I wrote during the competition!

My first round prompts were: science fiction, war veteran, and delivery in 30 minutes or less. I think my story “Abso” is my favorite from the competition this year–I’m pursuing publication for it now.

Second round was: suspense, a tutor and a funeral. My story “Special Things” is definitely one of the creepiest things I’ve written and it ended up feeling very tight and suspenseful.

Round three was an open genre with an undertaker and a sunrise. I went back to science fiction, one of my favorites, and wrote “Find the Light”–the title is what I like least about this one.

Anyway. Happy 18th place to me! 🙂



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